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Changing batch Times



In this guide you will be taught how to modify and change your batch times for products. This can be useful for a host of reasons. Batch production is an efficient way to produce multiples of the same product. 



First of all find your product in OMS V1 and move to the items tab. Select the optioned highlighted.


Following that, should bring up a screen akin to the one below. As you can see what you want to do is take this batch reference highlighted at the top. In this case "hjlfkwywwhk".2.png

Once you have copied that reference, go select the "Production batches" option under the "Print-iT" category on the left column.


From there you should bring up a screen similar to the one below. From there you insert the batch template into the "Ref:" section on the left and then it should bring up the product in question. From there you want to copy the template. 


Once the batch template has been copied, you can go to "Batch Templates" under the "Print-iT" heading on the left-hand column.


From there, you will want to enter the template you copied into the "Name/SKU" section. This will bring up a batch template with a corresponding name. From here just press "Edit" on the template.


Once you have selected the product, you will be brought to a screen like the one below. From here you will see that I have highlighted the box wherein you can change the time for the batches. It is worth noting that this is a 24hr setting (so 10pm would be 0 22) batch times are based off GMT, meaning that daylight saving time WILL affect the time.


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    Frances Hume

    From what I can gather this means every template will need to be manually adjusted for Daylight Saving... I think a clear statement to this affect would be good. Even better is an automated option to update all templates...