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Theme 1: Updating the Theme Colours and Font




Changing the font and colours on your theme 1 site is an easy and simple way to ensure your website communicates a clear message about what kind of business or company you represent.

The font is not the first thing that comes to many peoples as unless it is particularly egregious it doesn't immediately stand out. That said, it's importance cannot be understated. Colour however is a very prominent feature that can make or break a site visually. That said, both colour and font are vital to communicating the kind of site that has been made.


First you will want to go into the backpage of your theme site on Magento. From there you want to navigate to the System category on the top bar, and then configuration on the drop down menu. 


After selecting configuration, you will be brought to a screen similar to the one below. From there you want to navigate to the category list to the left and select Framework Configuration under the HELLOTHEMES Category. From there you will see the same screen as the image below. The Image is annotated to help explain what aspect is.

These are as follows:

Blue: Global Colour changes, making a colour change here affects the whole site. This is good if you want a cohesive design for the site, or just want a quick and easy setup.

Green: Fonts, from here you can select a font, see it (as seen with the current font and the sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"). You can also enable google font to give more options.

Purple: Specific colour options, this is for somebody who wishes to use specific colours for each page or aspect, i.e a different colour for the header specifically. This can be utilised for a very personalised or specific design.

It is worth noting that all colour options used are either inputted with a selector to the side of the box or with the colours specific Hex colour code. 



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