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Theme 1: Updating your Banners




This article is a guide into updating the images and text for the banners on your theme 1 site. This will be explained in depth with highlighted screenshots to make the process very simple to do. With this knowledge you will be able to update and modify the banners on the theme 1 site to suit your websites specific design. 


First of all you will want to open the site admin panel which will bring you to your Magento dashboard shown below. From there you want to navigate to the CMS category and select pages.


From here you will see a list of different pages, you will want to select the "Theme 1 - Gateway 3D" page as this is the page where the banners are present. 


This image shows an annotated image of the screen you should see after selecting the "Banner Text" block. This screen has been changed from the original as you can see on the left hand column. 

These are as follows:

Red: This is just to highlight that to change the Banner you will have to go to the content category. This can catch people out as one would assume that design is the column to select. 

Purple: Show/hide Editor, this is a useful button as pressing it changes the source code below into a faux Microsoft word interface, allowing for you to get a better overview of the text in the box and its layout and allowing you to make changes much easier. The Second image below shows what the code would look like if that button was pressed.

Blue:  Insert Image, although this section is named Banner Text you can also have Banner images separate from those in the "Banner Images" Block. This can be useful if you wish to create a simpler user interface without too much text, or as a means to illustrate whatever it is the text is talking  about. 

Green: Content, this is an area wherein text (and potentially images) can be found in source code form. This can be turned into plain text/Images by selecting the "Show/Hide Editor" button. This area is naturally useful as you can change the banner text to whatever you want with this. 

Yellow: Useful tools, included here are the reasonably simple "Save Page" and "Reset" but there is also the "Delete Page" button.this is a rather self-explanatory button. The Delete page function deletes the block in question. This is normally a rather severe and irreversible decision that often does not need to be taken. Using disabled on status delivers the same outcome but with the ability to return the text, should you change your mind. 



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