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Theme 12: Updating the Theme Colours and font




This guide will show you how to change the basic colours on your theme 12 website and change the font as well. The colours and font on your theme site along with specific Images will allow for a cohesive design that can give off a clear message about the kind of site you are operating. 


First of all you will want to open the site admin panel which will bring you to your Magento dashboard shown below. From there you want to navigate to the System category and then select configuration.


From here you want to navigate along the left-hand column and select Design underneath the ITEMBRIDGE heading. This will bring up the screen shown below. From here you find a litany of options to change the colours of all sorts of different aspects of the page, from the header bar type and image to the overarching site colour. 

You will also find highlighted in red, the font option. Changing this allows you to change the font on the site. You can make it so the font applies for the whole site or only certain pages.


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