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File Transfer Utility for Hot Folders


If your machine / printer Hot Folder is not able to sync to an FTP location (Gateway OMS Default) then detailed below is a useful utility you can set up to do this task for you

We can either do this as a paid service or you can configure yourself  

GoodSync can be used to auto transfer artwork and job sheets from an FTP location (our Hot Folder) to local folders on your PC / Network connected to machines. It is well know third party software but other utilities can be used if required

GoodSync also has the ability to use wildcards to search file names and only transfer those of a certain type - this is very useful if you wanted to auto separate multi part artwork into separate folders - or separate artwork for different products into different folders

It can also be used with Carrier Integrations to automate that process as well

You can download here 

File Juggler is another utility that can be used for these tasks

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