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Kornit Integration Configuration


Gateway OMS is set up to send files to a hot folder that can be synchronised with the Kornit QuickP RIP Software provided with Kornit Printers 

To start using the integration there are a few steps that you need to do on your product templates to give them the information your Kornit Machine will need

1. All relevant product templates in CPP need to have 2 attributes set up on them:

Group Name: Kornit Table
Name: Name of the table (i.e. Normal)
Internal?: Yes

Group Name: Kornit Setup
Name: Name of the setup (i.e. LightTNormal545)
Internal?: Yes

You should be aware of the potential values for these attributes from your Kornit Training

2. The OMS Hotfolder integration then needs to be set up with the following custom filename format

Custom Filename Format: {product-attribute:(group_name=Kornit Setup).attribute_name}_{product-attribute:(group_name=Kornit Table).attribute_name}_{}-{artwork.nameSansExt}_{item.quantity}_0_0.{artwork.ext}

The other hot folder options can all be used and are detailed in Hot Folder Configuration Options

Popular Options for Kornit are 

  • Run every 15 minutes
  • Batch garment types together so creates separate folders for different garment types
  • Job Sheet types - can produce individual job sheets or combined lists for a folder that can be used for picking / despatch scanning
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