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Distributed App links breakdown


Above you can see an example of a distributed link with all of its core components. Below that is a visual representation showing what components go where within the URL structure.


The following information is a breakdown of what those core components are and how they are loaded, including any default values that should be used if you don't have a specific value for yourself.

Note: The Attribute Identifier is what needs to be loaded in front of the value of an attribute in order to declare what that value relates to.


Attribute identifier = N/A

Default Value = N/A

This is just the name of the app you are loading such as acp3, ceres or any other.


Attribute identifier = N/A

Default Value = en_GB

This is the identifier of the locale used to control language changes such as en_GB or fr_FR or any other language set up.

All apps will only have en_GB set up by default any other locales will have to be requested at


Attribute identifier = N/A

Default Value = default

This is the configuration code used to load additional features or limit the features of the app you need to end this value with .html to finish off the link.


Attribute identifier = "#p="

Default Value = N/A

This is the id of the product that you need to load


Attribute identifier = "&r="

Default Value = N/A

The render canvas used to load the product on can be one of three values either 2d-canvas, webgl or multi

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