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Kornit Integration Overview


Gateway OMS can pass print jobs directly to the Kornit Hot Folder System to allow you to manage your DTG production via our Order & Workflow Manager

Files can be added to the Hot Folder in 2 ways - more details

  1. Scan barcode to auto download
  2. Set up hot folder supplier integration to send to hot folder automatically

Kornit printers support automatic file loading from a predefined Hot Folder.

The Hot Folder triggers the Kornit RIP software to "pull" the artwork file created by OMS. The file is then erased from the hot folder and loaded to the printer job queue.

Files that have been sent are loaded automatically and will be ripped according to the parameters in the file name created by OMS - Setup & Table

Kornit RIP samples the folder every few seconds and are loaded in FIFO order (First In First Out). If Kornit RIP fails to load a specific file due to a problem the file is moved to an error folder (C:\Program Files\Kornit Digital\QuickP\Error).

For details on how to configure your Kornit Hot Folder please take a look at

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