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Royal mail dispatch manger shipper integration set up.


Once the client has set up there Royal mail dispatch manger account  the shipper integration will need to be set up.

If the account has not been set up The method to do this can be found on this article,


To set up the Royal mail dispatch manger shipper integration you need to go to the company in CPP.

Click on SL, then on the shipper tab select the royal mail Dispatch manager form the drop down.



On the page that appears you will need to fill in the FTP information for pass the dispatch manager file.

The email address for errors.

The Pushable status code needs to be set to 8 (this is dispatched in oms)

Please fill out any allowed country codes/shipping methods/shipping carriers if required to limit the file to only process these orders.

If the fields are left blank all orders be added to the file.

Leave the start timestamp blank as this will generate on saving.

Tick enable and or secondary orders enabled if required and save the shipper integration.


once this is complete any orders marked as dispatched on this company will create a Royal mail dispatch manger csv file in the ftp which can be uploaded to your Royal mail dispatch manger account. 







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