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Theme 12 menus


Theme 12 has a highly configurable menu compared to the other theme sites.

It allows the user to set up easy background and text colours along with the ability to add featured product and cms blocks to show in the menu.

This can be set up buy logging in to magneto and going to:


Catalogue > Manage categories


Then selecting the category and going to the menu tab.


In this section you can add the following:

- Image Item Menu - add an image to the the menu item

- Enable Label - this will show a label box above the category name in the menu.

- Label Text - add text for the label.

- Label BG Color - add a background colour to the label (this must be a hexadecimal value).

- Label Color  - add a colour to the label (this must be a hexadecimal value).

- Top Products, Right Products, Bottom Products, Left Products - add products to the specific area buy comer separating the magento product number. e.g.123,115, 33, 120, 116.

- Top Static Block, Right Static Block, Bottom Static Block, Left Static Block - add a static block to the specific area (e.g. image, text, video, etc).

- Font Color, Hover Font Color, Hover BG Color,Border Color (Available only for first-level menu) - Add colours to the first level menu (this must be a hexadecimal value).

- Disable Shadow - disable the shadow below the menu

- Menu Item Background Image - add a background image to the menu

- Select Column Width - choose the width of the column from pre-selected widths

- Megamenu Dropdown Height - add a set height for the menu (this will need to be in pixels





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