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3. Changing Best Seller Products


Best Seller products are pulled from a category that will be set up in Catalog > 
Manage Categories.

To update the Products  

1.Select the category that is being used for your featured products. (If you do not know which Category it is, you can follow the instructions below) 

2. Go to the Category Products Tab 

3. Press the "Reset Filter" button to see all of your products. 

4. Select the Products you want to add, using the checkboxes on the left.

5. Press Save.  

Sometimes, Default categories get moved around and names of Categories get changed. If you're not sure which category your Best Sellers are being pulled from you can find it by following these instructions. 

1. Go to CMS > Pages

2.Search "Home" in the URL field. and click on the Home Page to open it. 

3. In the content tab on the left you will see the HTML source code. Its very important not to edit here unless you are HTML literate. (If you do accidently make a change, it wont take effect unless you press "Save Page") 

4. Within this HTML code you are looking for this line of code 

<div id="best-sellers" class="tab-pane row active fade in text-center">{{block type="ibtheme/product_list_featured" category_id="9" products_count="8" random_products="" template="catalog/product/list/list.phtml"}}</div>

category_id="9" - is telling us which category is being used for the best sellers section. 


5. Go back to Catalog > Manage Categories 

ID's are shown next to the Category name when you click on folder. 














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