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Embroidery | Thread Chart Matching




It is now possible to specify and automatically match uploaded artwork design colours to the closest thread colour available in a nominated thread chart. Users have the option of specifying a standard thread chart, or supplying a custom one to match to. There is no setup requirement at product level - simply tell us what thread chart you want to use and we will match to it when producing embroidery files.

Important Note: Matching an artwork colour to a thread chart will not look as good as using the real artwork RGB colours because thread charts typically only have 100-400 colour shades defined. There is not going to be a close match for all possible artwork colours.


Thread Chart Matching is used in conjunction with Autodigitization, Embroidered Text. These features are compatible with ACP3.

The thread chart has to be set by Gateway Staff against your company on CPP - please contact and let us know what thread chart you want to match to.


What Standard Thread Charts Are Available?

The standard thread chart list contains over 70 options. These can be seen in the following document:

Standard Thread Chart List

The default thread chart used is Madeira Classic 40.tch - the system will always match artwork colours to this thread chart if another is not specified for use. 



If the standard list of thread charts is not sufficient, you can also supply a custom thread chart to be associated with your Company setup on CPP. These can be created by using Wilcom software to edit exiting thread charts, or create new ones. The required format is a .tch file: 

Wilcom .tch thread charts are comma separated value text files, with fixed column assignments:

  • Thread Code Number – assigned by thread manufacturer to ID the thread colour
  • Thread Chart Name – typically manufacturer’s name and thread range – eg 40 denier
  • Colour Name or description
  • Thread Thickness (Wilcom parameter – can be ignored) A,B,C,or D
  • R: Red value: decimal 0-255
  • G: Green value: decimal 0-255
  • B: Blue value: decimal 0-255


What if I have already defined the colours in my EMB file?

The colour information in any EMB files uploaded to CPP as part of a product setup will be retained. The system in this case will only match the personalisation elements to the default thread chart.


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