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Creating Print On Demand Products


Our Print On Demand (POD) feature enables you to apply one or more pieces of artwork to one or more products, which can then be added to your Website as non editable products.  The feature now creates a product for each POD in the system so as an added feature, they can be easily made into Personalised products.

To create your own POD products log into the CPP and go to Customisable Only Product Management.

Search for the products you would like to use for POD creation by clicking the blue plus symbol to select them.


Once you've selected all of the products that you would like to create POD samples for, use the With Selected drop down in the top right to select 'New Print On Demand'.


The POD creation process has recently been updated to now create a new product with its own unique ID and POD reference instead of creating a sample and POD reference that could be accessed via the Sample Manager and Print On Demand screens.

This means that you now need to specify a target category for the new POD products to be placed into when they've been generated.  You may wish to create a new category for your POD products and you can find advice on creating categories here.

After selecting New Print On Demand from the With Selected drop down menu, you will be presented with a category selector where you should search for and tick the category that you would like the POD products to be in.


With the products and the target category chosen, we now need to upload the images that are to be applied to the products.  The next window that appears has a Choose File button that allows you to select one or more image files from your computer, in order to select multiple products you need to hold the control button and then click any image you want to add this will allow you to select multiple images at once.



Once you've selected the image files that you wish to use for your POD creations, they will take a few seconds to upload.  During this time a tick box is available that, if ticked, will set the POD creation process going once the last image has uploaded.

If you don't tick the auto start option, once the images have uploaded you will be presented with a Create POD Products button.  Click this button to start the process.


When the process is complete, you have the option to download a CSV of the newly created POD products.  If you choose not to download the CSV at this point, you can export the data from the CPP by searching for the target category in the Customisable Only Product Management screen and from the With "Category_Name" drop down menu at the top, selecting Export Personalise-iT CSV.



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