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Print Sizes | How to define multiple output sizes for a single product



Print Sizes is a feature that allows you to define multiple Print Size options against a Product on CPP, which can then be selected by the customer inside the App. Based on the customer selection, this delivers the relevant size Print file when an order is placed.

Important Note: The Print Sizes feature is based on matching the Aspect Ratio to the Print Area set on the Product. The system will not allow you to enter values that 'break' the Aspect Ratio.


This feature is compatible with both ACP2/ACP3 and Cards Apps and can be used in conjunction with Print Area Layouts (and Batch Templates via External References Field). Print sizes is compatible with Raster output type - there may be limited compatibility with other output types.

To use it, the Print Sizes menu must be enabled as a config option - you can use the 'Standard' ACP2 config from Smartlink Builder. If you have a Custom Config, the Print Size menu will need to be enabled - please contact


What are the benefits of using Print Sizes?

  • Negates the need for multiple products to be set up in some scenarios, which can be a huge time-saver.
  • Extremely fast and easy to set up.
  • Compatible with Print Area Layouts, offering even greater output flexibility.


What type of Products should it be used for?

It can be used for any Product where you need to offer multiple print file sizes that share the same Aspect Ratio.

The most popular uses are for Posters, Greetings Cards, and Canvasses, as all of these products are available in multiple sizes with the same AR. Because the Aspect Ratio has to be the same, the same preview is effective for all sizes.


How do I set them up?

Create your 2d Product as normal, with a Print Area and all required functionality for the largest size that you want to offer. This is important as blowing the artwork up to fit larger size Print Sizes can affect the quality of the image. In this example, we will be using a simple A1 Poster, with a print area set at 594x841mm.


1. Access the Print Sizes menu and click to Add a new Print Size option.

2. Give the Option a Description (Name) - this is what the end user will see and select in the App. You should always set a Print Size option that matches the 'Base' values of the Print Area. This ensures the Base size remains selectable in the App as an option. Click Save.

3. Repeat the process for the other sizes that you want to offer (remember to save after adding each Print Size). In this case we are setting additional Poster sizes from A1 to A4. You will need to know the width or height value in mm that you want to set the Print Size to (one value will suffice as the system will automatically work out the corresponding width/height on input based on the AR of the Base Print Area).

4. The set Print Sizes then become available in the App via a 'Size' menu. You can assess this functionality in the Print Test, and generate example output files based on the selected Print Size.


Here is an interactive example of the Poster Product set up with the Print Sizes as selectable options in the App.

A1 - A4 Poster | Multi Print Size Product Demo


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    Wilma Howell

    How do you ensure that the right pricing gets applied to each print size?  I don't see sku or price fields, so I'm not certain how to get this to work in the ecommerce platform (Magento).