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Aspects is an evolution of 2D Views, with a wider range of options, greater flexibility, and improved optimisation. Going forwards, Aspects will be actively developed to expand the features and functionality available. 

2D Views (Legacy) will remain fully functional and is still being used to create products. In general, it is still a quicker approach for more basic product setups.

Important Note: Aspects are currently compatible with ACP2 and ACP3 Apps.


What Products would most benefit from using Aspects?

  • Any multi-page product such as Story Books or Calendars.
  • Products that you wish to represent alternate colour/pattern options using source imagery.


What are the advantages of using Aspects?

There are multiple key benefits to using Aspects. Lets take a look through what these are and why they are so beneficial:


This doesn't sound like a big deal, but for multi-view products such as books and calendars with 10+ pages, this has huge significance to online performance. 2D Views only supports PNG files, which are generally much larger file sizes. By introducing JPEG support, it is possible to reduce file sizes by more than 50%. Smaller file sizes = better online performance and ultimately a better online experience!


2D Views cannot be replaced once uploaded to CPP - they have to be deleted then the files have to be re-added. They also forced you to create your 2D Views in the order that you wanted them to appear in the App - Aspects are more forgiving, allowing you to easily replace, and reorder as you wish. This is especially significant for multi-page products.


Many Users have asked for the ability to represent their products colour variations using source photography, rather than using the colour overlay system on CPP. This is now possible using multiple Aspect Options - these become selectable to the end user in the App and can have SKUs attributed to them.


How do I create an Aspect?

The process is very similar to 2D Views, with more options for greater control.

STEP 1: Add an Aspect

Access the Aspects Menu from CPP and click the '+' Icon to add a new Aspect to the product.

STEP 2: Name the Aspect

Set your Aspect Name and save. This will be the name that gets carried through to the App for the end user to select via the Aspect dropdown menu.

STEP 3: Add an Aspect Option/s

Once the Aspect is created, click Options to access the upload area. From here you can upload your product Image/s and associated masks. These are essentially the same files that you would have used to create a 2D View (always square, recommended to be 800x800 pixels).The files can be JPG or PNG depending on your requirements, although masks requiring transparency will always have to be PNG format.

Once your files have been added you can determine Display Order (order of appearance in the App), then add a Name and SKU for the Aspect Option/s, and set as Default (loads first if there are multiple Aspect Options). 

You can set multiple Aspect Options for each Aspect as per the simple example below. 

These then become selectable in the App via the Aspects menu.

You can access this product via -

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