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Order Manager


Below is an overview of Order Manager

Order Manager

This stage is only required if you need to add carriers consignment details manually to your order - options are available for automated carrier integration - and the system does not require the consignment note to dispatch the order.

  1. Confirm carrier name used
  2. Then add Tracking ID and hit “Save”
  3. You can also use this screen to update a delivery address
  4. DO NOT change the status to dispatched on this screen - this is done automatically when the bar code is scanned to dispatch
  5. You can also use this screen make notes on the order if any artwork issues and view a log of order activity - just change the status and add the notes
  6. This screen is also used to cancel an order, put an order on hold or order a reprint - just change the status in the drop down, write some notes and hit save

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