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Companies and Users


Overview of using Companies and Users


To set up a company you need the following data:


  • Company Name
  • Company eMail
  • Company Telephone

You can also add

  • Address for paperwork
  • Returns details for paperwork
  • Logo / Brand for paperwork


Users can either be;

Independent users or sub users of the main account - they can then have the following roles;

  • Template Editor
  • Super Template Editor

As detailed on previous page, a user can be linked to any company.

Template Editor

  • Products Duplicate only
  • Personalise-iT galleries
  • Personalise-iT unpersonalised artwork
  • Personalise-iT print manager
  • Personalise-iT app layouts

Super Template Editor

  • Everything that a template editor has access to
  • Everything that a super user has access to
  • User product categories
  • Product categories








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