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Advanced Features for Production & Batch Templates


Production Templates are a very powerful tool that apply a post process to artwork generated by your OMS system

They have many different applications

Detailed below are some of the more advanced features now available when setting up your template 


  1. Output Types - choice of standard or layered PDF with white backing or cutline
  2. Multiple Pages - can decide if single or multiple page
  3. Separate Areas (Sides) - If you your product has more than 1 print area or print area layout you decide to print each area on separate template - so template 1 has multiple fronts & template 2 multiple backs in same order
  4. Quantity - can choose to print orders for multiple products multiple times
  5. Add Coversheet - can have a coversheet so scan and process multiple items in one go 
  6. Image Details - can decide whether or not to display text / barcode with every image
  7. Integrated Print / Despatch Sheet - you can create a single sheet that includes despatch labels
  8. Background - can add the appropriate registration / cut marks to any supplied artwork
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