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Generating any number of Coupon codes for a shopping cart price rule


*This document assumes you have knowledge of how to set up a standard shopping cart price rule but if you don't this tutorial video will show you how to properly set up those rules.*


In order to generate coupon codes for a shopping cart price rules you need to first make sure you have the coupon settings of the price rule set to be a specific coupon with "auto generate coupon codes" ticked like so.

After you have set those settings then you need to save the code so that it creates the new section "Manage Coupon Codes" which looks like this.


Here you can generate however many coupon codes you want in a format that you can specify.

These are the options and what you can control:

Coupon Qty - How many coupons you want to generate

Code Length - The length of the coupon codes that are generated (default is 12 characters)

Code Format - The format of the code, you can choose between Numeric, Alphabetical, or Alphanumeric

Code Prefix - Characters to be added to the front of the generated codes (does not count against the code length)

Code Suffix - Characters to be added to the back of the generated codes (does not count against the code length)

Dash Every X Characters - Adds a dash to the code after however many characters you set here


After you have set all of these fields you can then hit generate and it will create each coupon code how you have told it to and display these at the bottom of the page, you can also see in the same location if the code has been used or not.


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