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Create Your First | Customisable Product



What is a Customisable Product?

A Customisable Product is essentially a 'blank' product that features image upload and/or text input functionality. The end user (customer) uses these interactive tools within the App to 'customise' the product and then purchase it.


What do I need?

> An Image of the product that you want to create

> Print Dimensions

> An artwork package eg Photoshop.

Important Note: We have an artwork package (Pixlr) built into the CPP in the General Menu > Artwork Editor. This is freely available for all users with a Personalise-iT subscription. 


How do I create one?

Lets take a look at the 5 key steps involved in creating your first Customisable Product. These are the minimum requirements to create a functional Product on CPP.


1. Log into the CPP and create a new 2D Product

2. Add your 2D View

3. Create and associate a Print Area with your 2D View

4. Add Image Upload / Text Input functionality to your Print Area

5. Print Test

Important Note: In this article we will be creating an example Customisable Phone case. The Assets can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. You can also use the values in the screenshots to easily follow the steps and make your first product.


1. Log into the CPP and create a new 2D Product

Access the CPP using your login credentials here -

  • Using the Search menu, click the Category Search option to open the Category that you wish to create a new product within (1).
  • This will bring up the 'With Selected' drop down menu (2)
  • Select 'Create 2D Product' (3).

The new Product will be created, and you will be taken to the Basic Details page, where you can add Name, SKU, and Supplier information etc.


2. Add your 2D View

  • Using your artwork package of choice, create a new document sized at 800x800 pixels.
  • Drag your product image into this document and position / present as you wish.
  • Save the image as a PNG.


  • Create a new layer and fill it in solid black in the areas that you wish to be customisable on screen - anything else should be transparent. 
  • Save the mask as a PNG.


  • On CPP, click 2D View in the Product Setup Menu on the left.
  • Give the View a Name, upload the 2 files and click Add.


3. Set up the Print Area

The Print Area determines the size of the print artwork file (in mm) that the system will generate when an order is placed, and where this is applicable on the product in the on screen preview.

  • Click Print Areas in the Product Setup Menu on the left, and 'New' to create a new Print Area.
  • Give the Print Area a name, and set the mm Print Width and Print Height values (1).
  • This will give an Aspect Ratio (AR) value (2) - make a note of this AR value.
  • Open the Texture Preview menu (3)
  • Disable the 'Mask Area' (4).
  • Interactively scale and position the Edit Area (grey-scale checker-box) to reflect the size and location of the Print Area in relation to the Product visual (5).
  • The goal is to match the AR of this (6) to the Print Width and Print Height (2) as closely as possible. It must be within tolerance of 0.05.
  • Click Save. 


4. Add Image Area and Text Areas

Image Areas and Text Areas are the customisation options presented in the App that make the product interactive.


  • Click Image Areas in the Product Setup Menu on the left, and 'New' to create a new Image Area.
  • Give the Image Area a name and set the position and size (1). For simplicity, reuse the top row of values that were set for the Print Area position in the previous step and click save. This will create an Image Area the same size as the full Print Area:


  • Click Text Areas in the Product Setup Menu on the left, and 'New' to create a new Text Area.
  • Give the Text Area a name and set the start position (1).
  • Click Save.


5. Print Test

The Print Test facility allows you to test the product functionality, and generate example print artwork files.

  • Click Basic Details in the Product Setup Menu on the left.
  • Open the Print Test menu (1)
  • Click to start the test (2). The product will load the functionality set in the previous steps
    • We have the product image as presented in the App
    • Print Area represented by a Blue Dotted line
    • Text Area menu (3) and Image Area menu (4) for user input.
  • You can interact with the product and click Add to Cart (5) to generate example print files to review.

Congratulations - you have just created and configured your 1st Customisable Product (of many) on CPP!!!


Here is a direct link to the example product that we created in this article:


What's next?

We have just gone through the key steps in creating a basic Customisable Product with all default functionality. You can continue to create Customisable Products and work with your Project Manager at Custom Gateway to add the products to your website / platform of choice.

You may also now want to move on and apply designs or fixed artwork to your products to create Personalised or POD versions. Both processes are detailed here:

Create Your First...

The CPP is capable of much more advanced functionality. If you would like to further enhance your Customisable Products, or want further insight into the technical processes involved in Product Creation, please refer to our 2d Product Creation Training Resources

This features full access to our Getting Started Guide, User Guide, Demonstration Videos, as well as additional Tips and information on New Features as they are added to the platform.



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