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Setting Up a Shopping Cart Price Rule to do tiered pricing on a set of grouped products


First set up a rule with no coupon, no uses per customer and no expiry or start date so that the rule will be live forever until set as inactive.

Next set up the conditions in the following way:
set up two product subselection conditions with "total quantity" "equals or greater/less than" then the number of the lower limit of the price break and then the second condition with the higher limit of the price break and then finally set it to matching ALL of the contained conditions and within each of the "product sub-selection" conditions put a condition which limits it to only work on the specific products that you need it to work on, this can be done by setting a product attribute condition such as SKU or Category.
Here is a example of the conditions for a 100-249 price break for a specific set of product SKUs

Lastly you set up the actions to do whatever discount is required for this tier, for example if you want to do 2.50 of the price of the products then you do a fixed amount discount of 2.5 like so

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