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Adding Products to Amazon


CPP enables you to create Print on Demand products which can be auto added to Amazon

In order to add your products to Amazon you will need to have either an

  • ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)
  • UPC (Universal Product Codes)
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Numbers)
  • EAN  (European Article Numbers)

AND a a successful application as a Brand Supplier. This allows you to add products to Amazon under your brand. For this application Amazon will require you to submit relevant images of your brand; packaging, brand visible on product. Amazon Help Centre have the required information listed here.

Alternatively if you can not gain this status then you will be able to add all relevant fields to submit for approval. 

This number should be stored in the eCommerce section in CPP - in the field called "Barcode" or "Manufacturers Code" 

If your product is already listed on Amazon then add the ASIN to the Manufacturers Code or if your product is not already listed then add your UPC, EAN or ISBN code to the barcode box

If you do not have one of these codes then speak with our support team who can help you set them up

Once you have either an ASIN from an existing product or UPC / ISBN or EAN for a new product and your brand application has been approved then your products are ready to be uploaded to Amazon 

Once the product is listed on Amazon, the content needs to be added to, this makes the product easier to find. 

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