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Sample iT in CPP - an overview


Sample iT in CPP


Visualiser (Beta) - Once the artwork has been added to the product on the visualiser, the sample can be named and assets created, the assets can be saved and sent from here.

The assets created here can be saved and sent out to customers as interactive pdf’s

Once the sample is saved it is available in ‘Sample Manager Beta’

The name given to the sample in Visualiser, is carried over to the name of the sample, this is displayed in the ‘Name’ and ‘Comments’ section.

If the ‘Save and Create Product’ button is used, the sample is given the initial product id and SKU, and the name is given as its description and therefore identifier. Creating a product from this sample will allow you to create as many orders as required for one product, and can be saved in a specific category. 

Place Order - an order can be placed for the product, that will feed directly into the order manager system  

Once add to cart is hit and company information is added, an order is created and flows directly into the The OMS will appear in the CPP for this order only. Once you have navigated away from this page, to access the order, you will need to log into the OMS.


The Print artwork can be viewed in ‘Items’ > ‘ Print Job’ (#printjobid)


The artwork outputs can also be checked

Create Proof -

Similarly to placing an order, once the ‘Save’ button is clicked, you need to add the relevant company information to the Proof.

The customer name is the primary identifier of the proof. You can also see in ‘Proof Manager’ whether the proof has been approved or rejected. As well as sending the proof for approval, the email added at the point of creating the proof is the email the approval link is sent to.


Assets can also be regenerated and downloaded in Sample Manager

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