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Integrating Via the Personalise-iT and Order-iT API


The Personalise-iT software can be integrated into any Website built on any platform.

To give you an overview and some context we advise you read our blog post on Personalise-iT integration.

Blog Post

The app uses smartlinks which can be manipulated in various ways to provide a wide range of possibilities in terms of how each personalisation app appears and which pieces of functionality are made available to the end user. The page linked below will show you many of these possibilities.

Smartlink Options

Once that you're familiar with the overview and the smartlinks, you are now ready to integrate the Personalise-iT software into your preferred platform.

The integration has 2 parts, the Personalise-iT integration and the Order-iT integration. Both parts need to be completed for a successful integration.

Your first step is to set up the Personalise-iT integration which covers subjects such as the iFrame and the callback URL.

Personalise-iT Integration

When you've completed the Personalise-iT integration, the next step is to complete the Order-iT integration. This covers subjects such as sending orders from your Website to the Gateway 3D OMS and order status callbacks.

Order-iT Integration

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