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Setting Up Automated Credit Card Payments with Secure Trading



This document covers how a supplier can configure OMS to automatically charge retailers via Secure Trading for the cost of their orders.


1. A Secure Trading account (you should be able to login to

2. A site reference, which can be set up in MyST (not covered by this article).

MyST Configuration

Sign in to MyST and add a user with role "Webservices" to your account.

1. Navigate and login to

2. Click "Add new username" from the left side-menu.

3. Fill in the fields as below (all required).

Password Leave as the preset value
Role Webservices
Valid IP/networks
Role if invalid IP Prevent login

4. Allocate the site through which you wish to process Web Services payments, by clicking the green arrows next to the corresponding sites and ensuring they move from the "Available" column to the "Allocated" column.

Creating a Payment Reference

OMS does not store any card details, so it is necessary to charge the customer a token amount (i.e. £0.01) via the "Virtual Terminal" option within MyST. When making the payment, please make sure the selected site is the same site which you granted the user access to.

Once the payment has been authorised, Secure Trading will display a "transaction reference", which looks something like "1-2-3456789". OMS will use this reference for any future payments.

Next Steps

To turn on automatic payments in OMS, please contact, providing the following information:

  • The password for the user.
  • The transaction reference.
  • The site reference.
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