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    Millet Pascual (Edited )

    Hello Dan

    I am just wondering how the Dynamic Designs will affect the product ids in your given scenario?
    In the standard process, you have 30 unique ids, for the 30 duplicated products. ( 10 products x 3 designs), one product per a unique id.

    When the dynamic process is applied, the setup process 10 + 3 designs = 13 products. is that means that you will only have 13 product ids too? What happen to the other product ids? 

    In my understanding Dynamic Designs will work great with 1 base products with Multiple template desings . Example for an iPhone cover with a choice of 1 image/ text cover design, 5 images /texts cover desing and even 12 images cover design all in one dynamic menu, 

    Sharing my two cents :)

    Kind regards


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    Dan Eastlake

    Hi Millet

    Yes, there will only need to be 13 ID's in total, this is because the designs don't have to be configured and fixed on every product manually via the conventional duplication > setup process.

    Instead the design can be created just once, and then applied in the App to the 10 base products via the dynamic design menu. This completely removes the need to manually setup each design on each product manually.

    Your understanding is correct, you could have 1 or more base products (as long as the print area is the same size), and then have multiple template designs in the dynamic menu.


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