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Understanding Website Hosting


When you purchase a Gateway Site we always provide the hosting as part of the package to ensure we can deliver the best service for your business

We are always more than happy to provide both our Personalisation Apps and Magento Extension for use in a site built by another developer or hosted elsewhere but do not like to mix and match solutions

If you want to host your own website the Gateway Sites option is not for you. You will need to find a website developer who has experience of working with an API. We can recommend some suitable developers if you are struggling

We have detailed below the different components of a hosting / support package to explain why we like to include the hosting in the package and take this approach  

1. Server Hardware

2. Server Software

We always recommend using a dedicated hosting partners that has the appropriate

  • Server monitoring
  • URL monitoring
  • Mirrored backup
  • 24/7 Phone support
  • Physical & IT Security

Sites hosted by us include all of this and are located at UK Fast

We recommend cloud servers as they are more resilient at dealing with hardware failure and adding extra resources when required

Your hosting partner should always be able to also support the software that runs your server

Problems with SQL, Apache or PHP are one of the most common reasons for issues with your website

Generally restarting one of these services can be done by your hosting provider

For sites managed by us our hosting partner will take care of these issues 24 / 7


3. Website Software

4. Personalisation App & Artwork Generation Software

Your hosting partner can sometimes provide limited help with your website management software (we use Magento) but usually they will refer you to your website developer

We have modified Magento for your industries so are happy to supply this support for either you or your hosting company dependant on the agreement

Alternatively if you have used another developer to build your Magento website then they are best placed to offer this support

This is always hosted by Gateway 3D as is specialist software dedicated to online personalisation, artwork creation and auto order distribution

  • We store images and artwork on Amazon S3,
  • Our personalisation apps are delivered by Amazon Cloudfront CDN
  • Our order / print job management via distributed servers at UK Fast
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