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Maintaining & Managing e-commerce Data in CPP



To make your life easier we recommend maintaining data for your own products in CPP, as we have added export options that enable you to upload your product data directly to Magento. The export will correctly configure all the fields you need for Magento to reduce the work required transferring and copying data in 2 systems.

You can add data to each product manually by clicking e-Commerce from the left-hand menu whilst in the Basic Details section of any product on CPP.

Alternatively, you can import product data via the 'e-commerce Import' tab in CPP. Download a copy of the import header sheet below & complete each section as applicable, ensuring that you remove row 2 before saving your completed import file. We also recommend using Open Office Calc as opposed to Excel for saving as csv as Excel can cause unexpected formatting of your data. 



Important note: Once Open Office has been installed (the software is free to download) just ensure you follow this method for saving your file in UTF-8 format before uploading to CPP. As shown in the screenshot below.



To export personalise-iT links & product data for your products or those of a third party supplier, first ensure you select a category that you want to export.

You will now see an additional drop-down appear towards the top right of your screen. from here select Export Personalise-iT (for Magento) CSV

 You will now be presented with export options for your CSV file.

  • Website Category - where populated will overwrite any default website categories set against these products in the output file
  • Tier Price Markup - Applies a markup to the cost price currently in CPP i.e 1.50 will apply 50% markup
  • Link Builder - Here you will need to select the Company (GUID) that is to be used to route orders from these products
  • Use Product Defaults - when this is unticked you can change the links with a chosen app, configuration or gallery where available.

Click Export & your CSV file will be generated.

You will then need to ensure you save this in UTF-8 format before uploading to Magento

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