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Resolving Magento Extension Conflicts


Whenever installing more than one Magento Extension you have the potential for the extensions to clash - as they both could potentially overwrite the same files - this is just the way Magento works and is not the fault of any specific extension 

A good Magento developer will be fully aware of this potential conflict and able to identify where any potential conflict is - and resolve it 

The extension below can also be used and downloaded from Magento Connect

Our own extensions have been written with best practise in mind so they never over write the core Magento code - however just like any other Magento extension they do have the potential to conflict with other extensions installed - when installing PERSONALISE-iT Extension we always recommend you use the developer that originally built your website as they should be familiar the extensions you have already installed

By not modifying the core Magento it will in most cases mean the extension is future compatible

As Magento is open source software it can be modified in many way so unless changes are clearly documented it can take time to find and resolve conflicts - it is always good practise to install any new extension on a test site before your live website

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