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Understanding Order Manager Order / Reference Numbers


Gateway OMS has been designed to process a large volume of orders from many different sources so needs to use an alpha numeric numbering system to ensure it does not run out of numbers - detailed below is an explanation of how this works


Order Ref - this is the OMS reference for the order
External Order Ref - this is the order reference of the website or system that has passed the order to OMS

Both are searchable

Order Line

Product SKU - this is the stock item that the customised product is made from - we can identify this from the customisable template and either use the SKU for stock or a unique SKU for the product - if you are not managing stock 

Print Job ID - this is the unique reference for the print job if it has been created by PERSONALISE-iT 
Item Ref - this is a unique reference for the order line 
External Item Ref - this is a unque refrence for the order line passed from an external system or website 

Either Item Ref or Print Job ID can be used as Barcodes to scan and update order progress

When using a hot folder or artwork download (from production batches) the artwork reference will always be the same as the Item Ref - which is also displayed on the job sheet 


Production Batches

Batch Ref - this is the reference for an order(s) when added to a batch template - so can represent multiple Order Item Refs

Print Layout ID - this is the reference if an order item ref has multiple sides or pages and needs laying out separately - this is also available under the Print Job ID


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