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Magento Community v Enterprise


We get asked a lot for advice on whether you should choose free Magento Community or $15,000 price tagged Magento Enterprise.

Below is some summations, and the article referred to in the body is excellent. Like all things there is no definitive answer just a lot to consider, the only conclusion the author seemed to give was $10million + etailer should be on Enterprise.

Here are some thoughts:

Enterprise certainly has a few benefits over Community, especially if you don't have Magento developers on hand and when the revenue level supports it.

The main benefit isn't the level of support, it's the faster indexing, page caching and built in fast searching, although now there are extensions which massively help on that front with Community edition, as long as you have someone to install and configure them.

Speed wise it's pretty much the same - a well optimised server, set up properly by a skilled systems admin, and dedicated to a single site, can run either version really quickly.

Here's a good recent article with a bit more detail -

With a high level of turnover & having the things I've mentioned as built in features rather than add-ons will pay for itself in simplifying the management of it all. One down side to be aware of - if you stop paying for the license you no longer get updates, of course - and recently we've been seeing Magento security updates arriving every couple of months.

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