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New Placeholder Image Gallery



There is now an option to select pre-designed placeholder images to your 2D & 3D products in CPP as well as an image of your choice.

To access these, click 'Edit' against a product & choose 'Image Areas' from the left-hand menu. Click 'Edit' against your chosen image area if multiple & expand the area named 'Placeholder'

 Here you'll be presented with an option to either choose one of our template images or upload your own image to the product. Once selected hit save.

This placeholder can then be used to generate a thumbnail image for your product. To do this you will need to ensure that any pre-existing thumbnail is removed, so navigate to Basic Details for that product and expand the Assets section as below.

If the product has a thumbnail there will be an option to delete as highlighted above.

Once this is done, you should navigate to General > Product Management & choose a category from the magnifier icon that your product is in.

Click the + for your product(s) and from the drop-down that appears above choose 'Schedule Image regeneration'

The changes are not always immediate, but you should see your new thumbnail based on the placeholder within 4 hours. This can then be exported from CPP along with any other product data & added to your site.

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