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Text Areas | Available Colours



Until now, text colour was applied 'globally' to all Text Areas via the Font Sizes & Colours menu. We have introduced a new feature to the CPP making it possible to control the text colour on a per Text Area basis for greater control over the personalisation options.

Important Note: This functionality is available for ACP2 as standard.

How it works

The initial setup process is the same as before, all available colours for the Text Areas configured on the Product should be added to Font Sizes & Colours (see figure 1). For information on setting up text colours, see Section 8: Font Sizes & Colours

Important Note: By default, all of these colours will be available for all Text Areas.

Figure 1

In the Text Area setup, there is an additional drop down menu called 'Available Colours'. This will display all colours that have been set in Font Sizes & Colours, which can then be enabled depending on requirements - see Figure 2.

Important Note: Ignore that the boxes are unchecked by default - all colours are active until you specify specific ones, at which point only the enabled colours become active.

Figure 2

In the App, these enabled colours are displayed as a swatch based on which Text Area is 'active' - see Figure 3.

Important Note: If you are setting specific colour values for a text area, remember to set a matching default text colour via the Default Colour option in CPP.

Figure 3


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