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Importing Tiered Prices


Tiered prices can easily be imported from CSV into CPP for multiple products and multiple companies in one.

Step 1. Creating Your CSV

Name Description Required The ID of the product to import against. No (Unless Supplier & sku are omitted)
tier_price.quantity The quantity break point for the tiered price. Yes
tier_price.price The cost price. No
tier_price.rrp The recommended retailer price. Yes
tier_price.carriage The shipping and carriage price. No
tier_price.company_ref_id The company to which this tiered price should be applied. Leave blank or omit if the tiered price is global. No
product.supplier_ref_id The Supplier name as it appears in CPP No (Unless is omitted)
product.sku Product SKU as it appears in CPP No (Unless is omitted) 

Step 2. Upload CSV

From the Product Manager's "Import From CSV" dropdown, select "Tiered Prices". Then select and upload your CSV file. the import can either use or product.supplier_ref_id & product.sku so either/or must be populated for the import to work.

Step 3. Import Summary

A summary of your import will now be displayed. Any errors (for example if you don't have write access to a product) will be displayed in red. A single error means that the entire import would not have taken place.

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