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Integrating with Magento (v1) SOAP API



OMS has the ability to pull orders from Magento via Magento's in built SOAP API. Using this method does not require the Personalise-iT Magento module to be installed on the site.

Order items are imported as either print jobs or textual products depending on several factors:

  1. If the Magento order item has a custom option called printJobId then the item is imported as a print job item, otherwise...
  2. If the corresponding product in CPP is not set as a "No Preview" product then a print job will automatically be generated. Each custom option on the item will be field mapped to a text area that has been defined in CPP.
  3. If field mapping fails or a corresponding CPP product cannot be found then the order item is imported as a textual item.



Step 1. New Magento Web Services User

The first step in enabling the integration is to create a new Magento "Web Services" user.

This can be done in Magento's backend by going to "System" -> "Web Services" -> "SOAP/XML-RPC Users". Then click on the "Add New User" button.

Fill in the fields as follows:

User Name oms
First Name oms
Last Name oms
Current Admin Password <<Magento's Admin Password>>
New API Key <<Generate a password from>
API Key Confirmation <<as above>>
The account is Active

Make a note of the API key which you use, it will be needed in the next two steps.

Step 2. Assign User to a Role

After saving the user, a tab called "Use Role" should be visible on the left hand side menu. Ensure that the new user has "Full API Access".

Step 3. OMS Retailer Integration Settings

For the relevant company's "Magento SOAP" retailer settings, populate the fields as follows:

Host The host name of the website, for example if the full URL is then the host name would be
Path The path to the website, for example if the full URL is then the path would be /shop1
API User  oms
API Key  <<The key you generated in step 1>>
API Type Either "soapv2" or "xmlrpc". Defaults to "soapv2" if left blank.
Use HTTPS  Yes if the site supports SSL/TLS, no otherwise
Is Enabled                                                                             Yes



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