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How to add user text and images to other related products


A common requirement for personalisation website is to display other products with the same text & images as a product that has just been designed 

Detailed below is an explanation of how this can be achieved using the Gateway 3D API 

1. When the Save or Add to Cart Button is pressed our PERSONALISE-iT App adds various assets to your callback page

  • These include thumburl. A URL to a thumbnail of the user's design. The URL is not permanent, it is recommended that the image is downloaded and stored by your website.
  • thumbdesignurl - this is the same as the point above but contains the design only
  • printurl. A URL to the PDF artwork which will be generated for the print job. The URL will return a 404 until the artwork has been generated.
  • userimageurl - the images used in the design
  • usertexturl - the text used in the design

2. These assets can then be added to other products and perhaps most importantly of all be reloaded on other products for futher customisation any where in the system

3. To load any of these assets to another customisable product you can just specify the image location in the URL of the other product by using &i=. You can use multiple images for products with multiple areas

Example link -

4. You can also use this method to load multiple products ready for further customisation - it is recommended to not load a high volume of products at once or the page takes too long to load 

5. These options give you the most flexibility when deciding where you want to display these products as different web designs and different technologies use different methods

Please note you can also retrieve thumbnails at a later point using the following logic


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