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Personalise-iT: Controlling Which Account an Order is Created for


Since v1.6.10.0, the Personalise-iT module provides the ability to control supplier company ref ID in three different ways.

The supplier company ref ID is a unique code identifying which account an order is created under in OMS.

Which ref ID is used is determined in the following order of importance:

  1. Per Customer / Magento user (highest priority)
  2. Per Store View
  3. Per Product (lowest priority)

For example, if the customer does not have a supplier company ref ID set but the current store view does, then the value set against store view will be used.

Per Customer (Magento user)

  1. In Magento's admin section, navigate to System -> Customers -> Manage Customers.
  2. Select the relevant customer.
  3. Go to the "Account Information" tab.
  4. Enter the relevant ref ID into the "Override Company Ref ID" field.

Note: Setting per customer requires that the customer is logged in on the site in before they personalise a product using an iframe personalisation app.

Per Store View

  1. In Magento's admin section, navigate to System -> Configuration.
  2. Select the desired store view in the dropdown box on the left hand side menu.
  3. Then enter the relevant ref ID into the "Override Company Ref ID" field in the "Personalise-iT Supplier Link Settings" section.

Per Product

Setting a supplier company ref ID per product is the recommend approach. Overriding by customer or store view should only be used when necessary.


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