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Integrating with Octopush



OMS has the ability to send SMS order confirmation and dispatch confirmations via a 3rd party service called Octopush.

SMSs will be sent to the telephone number stored in the "Shipping Telephone" field. If the telephone number does not have an international dialling prefix (E.164 format) then OMS will attempt to use the shipping country code to determine which prefix to use.


Step 1 - Creating an Octopush Account

First it is necessary to register for an Octopush account. This can be done at the following URL:

Once registered, Octopush will provide you with an API key. OMS will need this key to authenticate against your account.

Don't forget to add credit to your account.

Step 2 - OMS Notification Integration Settings

For the relevant company's "Octopush" notification intregration settings, populate the fields as follows:

User Name         Octopush login user name
API Key    API key provided by Octopush
SMS Sender

The name which appears as the sender of the SMS when opened by the receipient.

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