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Creating a Product Selector


Several of the standard Gateway CPP apps support the product selector tab which give the end-user the ability to select from a range of products.

Using this method you can arrange your products into specific categories within the Gateway CPP and then allow the end-user to choose between those categories and the individual products contained within them all from inside the app itself.


1. Create your 2d or 3d products

2. Add any necessary e-commerce data

3. Organise your products into specific categories

4. Select the product you wish to initially load and then edit this product in the Gateway CPP (note that this product should exist inside the same category specified for the product selector)

5. Use the link builder page of the product to build your product selector as follows:

     5.1 Select your app

          Choose the standard app which will compliment the type of products you wish to make available.

          Note that product selector is only currently supported in the following apps: ACP2, Garment2, Mobile


     5.2 Select your company (GUID)

     5.3 Select your configuration (if necessary)

          n.b screenshot below taken from ACP2 config options

     5.4 Select your category or categories

     5.5 Select a gallery or galleries (if applicable to the product(s))

Note that multiple categories are separated by a comma in the URL if you wish to do this step manually.

6. With each option added from the steps above you will notice that the product URL at the bottom of the link builder page is appended accordingly.  Once you have finalised all of your options, copy the link and paste into a browser tab to test it or add it to the back-end of your website or platform as necessary.



As 2d and 3d products utilise different rendering methods on-screen we generally recommend categorising them accordingly so that the user experience for the end-user is more consistent.

If for some reason you wish to combine 2d and 3d products in the same product selector, it is necessary to change the renderer to &r=multi from either &r=2d-canvas or &r=webgl (depending on whether the product used to generate the URL in link builder was 2d or 3d).

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  • Avatar
    Joshua Ratcliffe

    Very useful, just one note the last sentence says "(depending on whether the product used to generate the URL in link builder was 3d or 3d)." I'm guessing it's supposed to be 2d or 3d.

  • Avatar
    Paul Oldham

    Hi Joshua,

    Yes you are absolutely correct good spot (I'd like to say I was just testing but clearly it was a typo!). I've updated the article now, thanks for reporting it.