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New Predesigned Tool | Interactive Artwork Design



Creating a predesigned product is now much easier with CPP's "New Predesigned' tool.

Traditionally, predesigned Products had to be created by uploading artwork designs (at print size) to the artwork slot of the Print Area. This new tool allows one or more products to be selected and then interactively designed using the text and image areas set against the product; essentially you are using the system to create your artwork design directly onto the product without the need of specialist design software or skills!

Once the design has been completed, a new product will be created using the original product as a base and with the design applied to the relevant text and image areas as placeholders. It is then possible to add additional text or image areas to the product to compliment the 'fixed' artwork design.

The new predesigned product can then be used in a personalisation app in the same way as a normal product, with the exception that the design elements are not editable by the end user.


Step 1 - Find Your Base Products on CPP > select using + > use the 'With Selected' dropdown menu to choose the 'New Predesign' option.


Step 2 - Select a Target Category (for the new products to be added to)


Step 3 - Design

Design your new predesigned product within the App. You can add Images or text based on how the base product is configured. Once you are happy, click "Save" to confirm the design and create the new product.


Step 4 - Summary

A list of your new products will now be displayed. You can find this product on CPP to print test, and make further setup changes if required.

Step 5 - Sell!

Customers can now buy your design (but not alter, though they can add additional text and images depending on product setup) via a website that has an embedded personalisation app.

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