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Text Syncing

Using the Sync From feature, it is possible to automatically apply any input text from one Text Area to several specified Text Areas. This 'synced' text will then be carried through into the artwork generation process.

In this article, we will be looking at a simple 2D Mug Product which has a full wrap Print Area defined - see Figure 1.

Figure 1 

The first step is to create our input Text Area (called Line 1 in this example). This is what the end user will use to add text to the product. As such, User Input Enabled should be turned on - see Figure 2.

Figure 2

With the input Text Area configured, we can then create more Text Areas (Line 2) to 'sync' added text to - this time using the Sync From feature in the Text Area settings. In this case, we want to apply any text from Line 1 to Line 2 - so we select Line 1 from the Sync From dropdown menu (see Figure 3). User Input Enabled has been turned off here so that the end user cannot interact with this Text Area directly within the App.

Important Note: After applying a Sync From Text Area and hitting save, you will notice that the configuration menu has new available options; Sync Rotation, Sync Size, Sync Colour, Sync Font (see Figure 3). These can be used to control how you want the synced text to appear and what the end user can do with it, eg same font / colour throughout - or different.

Figure 3

You can create multiple Text Areas to any size or specification, and use the Sync From feature accordingly. The final result can be seen in the Print Test facility - see Figure 4. Any text added to Line 1 is being 'synced' to Line 2 automatically.

Important Note: Placeholder Text will not sync from one Text Area to another. The sync feature only works with input text. 

Figure 4

Here is an interactive link to show the Sync From feature in action - Text Area Sync From Feature Example

Give it a go!


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