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Understanding your Facebook App / Tab


Facebook is a very useful marketing tool for selling / promoting personalised products however it is worth understanding the limitation and ways around them 

1. Facebook Apps / Tabs appear on desktop but facebook does not allow them to work on mobile - see example below of our Gateway 3D page with PERSONALISE-iT Tab on Desktop but not displaying on mobile

Desktop View - see tabs under banner


Mobile View (tabs have disappeared)

It is also worth noting you cannot even link to an app page on mobile as facebook blocks them as well

However do not worry as we have a simple solution - every PERSONALISE-iT Facebook App also comes with a Smartlink

A Smartlink is a shortened URL that can inserted into any Facebook post and enables the user to create and buy products in just the same way as the app

Smartlinks can also be used for Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Pinterest or deployed as a QR code for printed materials

Check out this article for more details on Creating a Smartlink 

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