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Integration with ShipStation Overview


Shipstation is a service that works with most leading US couriers. It will enable you to book collections and generate carriers labels from the OMS Order Manager without duplicate import

To enable you need to

  1. Set up a Custom Store in Shipstation in Marketplace Stores for Gateway OMS
  2. Next you will need to to set up a shipstation callback URL
  3. The user name will be guid (i.e. 12345) and the password is your api key
  4. You can also set up some Automation Rules in Shipstation to handle the different Shipping Methods & Carriers specified in OMS
  5. Finally you will need to make sure you have set a rule to determine the package dimensions and weight for each product - these can be passed from OMS
  6. Once an order has been marked as "Despatched" in OMS the order will automatically transfer to Shipstation 

For more in-depth documentation see 

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