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Creating Sub-Users - Enterprise & Order & Workflow Subscriptions ONLY



When logged into the CPP/OMS, navigate to General > User Management

From the actions drop-down the top right select 'Go' against New Sub User

Complete the Basic Details section. We recommend using email address for Username is this is always unique to the user

Click Access & Permissions

Select the role for this user from the selection offered by clicking the tick box. You can create a custom role if required by clicking the tick box against Custom & selecting allow against each of the options, but this is not recommended.

Select Product Categories

You will be presented with any product categories available. Click either once or twice to enable Write (W) or Read-only (R) access to these categories. Clicking again will remove the access entirely.

Important Note: To create additional categories, navigate to Misc. > Product Categories then hover over & right-click a category. Choose Subcategory from the options & type a category name in the box. Hit save. 

Select Customers

If you have multiple GUID's for sub-sites etc, you can enable access here. The website/Company chosen in Basic details will be the default Company enabled.

Top Tip: To create additional GUID's, navigate to Misc. > Companies then click New. Complete as appropriate & hit Save (Partners ONLY)

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