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Replacing the Print Job


If a print job has been set up incorrectly and needs changing, for example additional text areas need to be filled, you can follow these instructions


1) locate the product on your website

2) Complete the correct personalisation

3) Add to Cart

4) Open OMS

5) navigate to Print Manager

6) Tick "View All Jobs"

7) Locate the job that you just created ( it will be unpaid and not genenerated )

8) hit the "Generate" button to create the artwork

9) Find the order you need to fix in Order Manager

10) under "Items" and "Advanced" there is a box for "Print Job ID:" - replace the contents with your new print Job ID and save

11) the changes should be visible

12) to push the order back through a supplier integration set the status to "received" while ensuring that on the "advanced" tab "Has Error" is unticked

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