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ShipStation Integration Documentation


Order Processing Workflow


  • in Order Manager,
    • mark the order(s) as Dispatched, either manually or using the ‘scan and dispatch’ screen, but do not fill in a tracking number
  • in ShipStation,
    • click the Update icon at the top
    • new orders arrive in the ‘Awaiting Shipment’ area in the Orders screen
    • check that the carrier, service, dimensions and weight have been set
      • (your automatic rules will fill these in for most orders)
    • tick next to the order(s) and click Ship Orders at the top
    • labels will now be generated for these orders
  • follow your usual dispatch process from here


Which Orders go to ShipStation?

  • status must be ‘Dispatched’
  • tracking number must be blank


Technical Requirements for Order Data in Order Manager


  • shipping_country must be a 2-letter ISO code
  • shipping_method will be used when you set up rules in ShipStation, and is generally taken directly from whichever company puts the order into the system
  • for US addresses, shipping_address_3 must be the 2-letter state code


ShipStation Configuration


Add a new store with:

  • for Marketplace, choose “Custom Store”
  • for the username, enter the GUID  of the company submitting the orders, eg. 12345
  • for the password, enter the API Key for that company
  • for the URL, enter
  • for the “Awaiting Payment statuses” enter “unknown”
  • for the “Awaiting Shipment statuses” enter “ready”
  • for the “Shipped statuses” enter “shipped”
  • for the “Cancelled statuses” enter “cancelled”

Now set up automation rules as required, for example you could have:


  • a rule which looks for a certain SKU, and sets the package dimensions and weight
  • a rule which looks for a certain quantity of items and sets the carrier and service
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