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Field Mapping


If you are receiving orders through import or API it is possible that textual orders can be placed in our system with incorrect personalisation field names - this can cause errors and the field name the external body is using must be fixed or mapped


You can map this in OMS under




Where From is the name coming in and to is what the value the system is expecting to receive - Field mapping is GUID specific

If you know the names of the personalisation fields you will be receiving on the orders you can map them before the orders arrive in OMS. 

Edit the product in CPP that you want to add field mapping to. 

On the Left hand side menu, the last section is Field Mapping


Once in the Field Mapping section, select the Company the orders will be coming from.

The name of the personalisation field they are sending to you on the order goes in the From Column and the name of your text area set of the product goes in the To column. 


Click Save.

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