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What are App Layout Custom Configurations


App Layout Configurations enable you to customise the appearance and functionality of your app when added to a product URL eg

To get more information on how to set up your full Product URL then please see Understanding PERSONALISE-T URLs

The configuration options available depend on the app layout being used - as each layout has its own set of configurable options

Detailed below are options for the ACP2 / ACP3 App Layout - this has the most options of any App.

Currently only Gateway Staff can create custom configs - please raise a support ticket by emailing detailing the options you require.

Core Functionality

Styling, Product & Pricing

Tab Order & Misc

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    Matthias Busse



    very useful to customers, as they can basically choose the options themselves, without much explanation needed. An update to include the options within ACP3 would be good, maybe with a short description, which function does what.


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