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How to Update Product Thumbnails on CPP!



Product thumbnails are generated automatically when a product is created or duplicated. There is no way to influence when the thumbnail is generated by default, so in some instances it may be necessary to manually regenerate or replace with your own product image.

Scheduling Image Regeneration

To manually update the product thumbnail based on the latest product configuration, simply navigate to the Product Manager (1), select the products you wish to update (2), then click 'Schedule Image Regeneration' from the 'With Selected' drop down menu (3). 

It is possible to regenerate the thumbnails for multiple products at once using this method.

These 3 steps are shown in Figure 1.

Important Note: The thumbnails will not update instantaneously, it may take a few hours for the regeneration to occur.

Figure 1

Uploading a Product Image

It is possible to add your own thumbnail image on a per product basis. To do this, find your product in Product Manager and click Edit to open the Basic Details (1). Then open the Assets tab (2) and upload an image to the Product Image slot (3).

These 3 steps are shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2

Unlike the Scheduled image Regeneration, uploading a Product Image will update the thumbnail instantly.

Important Note: If a Product Image is already uploaded, it is not possible to replace the image by uploading another - the current Product Image must be deleted first.



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