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Changes to SureFox for Kiosk mode


1Idle Timeout – This feature gives you the option to set an idle timeout for the device. Once enabled, if the device is idle for the specified period of time , the device automatically gets into the Sleep Mode.

Settings-> Browser Preferences->Idle Timeout > Set to disabled 

Settings > Browser Preferences > Application Idle Timeout > Set to Disabled 

2Prevent Suspend – This feature can be disabled if your device is not required to be switched  ‘ON‘ all the time.

Settings-> Display Settings->Prevent Suspend mode(check box)

3Default Brightness – This feature allows you to set a default screen brightness for your device. It further gives you the options to set separate default screen brightness when the device is connected to AC Power or is running on battery .

Settings-> Display Settings-> Power Saving Settings-> Default BrightnesS



4Brightness on Inactivity – This feature gives you the option to specify a time period after which the device screen brightness automatically adjusts to a set level.

Settings-> Display Settings-> Power Saving Settings-> Brightness on Inactivity


5 . Number Of Taps before Password prompt comes up - 
Set this to whatever is suitable to avoid customers seeing this, be mindful that this is the number of taps you will have to put in to come out of the secure site. 

Changing Password - Browser Preferences >Misc Settings > Number of Taps 

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